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Will Goodall

Vocals, guitar

Chilli Wilson

Vocals, drums &


Carolyn Konrad

Vocals, saxophone & percussion

Davy MacFarlane

Vocals, guitar, mandolin, blues harp

Calum Neil 


Bass guitar & vocals

Konrad have been around since minutes before the big bang and have a combined age that exceeds the number of molecules in the known universe. While this has been a constraint on their declared ambition of becoming Olympian athletes, it has also been an enormous advantage in writing material that incorporates influences from every song ever written. These are songs that finger the funny bone, tickle the tear ducts and set the passions alight.

Konrad have been playing for many years, in many guises, sometimes with each other, sometimes as solo performers and sometimes with other bands. This has provided myriad collective experiences (a book is on the way).....but more importantly, a true and enduring love of creating and playing music and engaging and sharing energy with audiences. We can’t be categorised or boxed, we can’t be cornered into a genre but when it comes to playing live. professionalism, energy and enthusiasm are paramount in the mix. When Davy MacFarlane (guitar, harmonica, vocals and mandolin) won an Arts Council New Song Writers award it allowed Konrad to record our first album. Subsequently, the band has gone from strength to strength. Diversity of musical styles is the 'name of the game' with us. You won't hear covers of other artists' songs. Konrad are best described as Roots Rockers who encompass Blues, Rock and Country. We are a band who quite simply “ do what we love to do”.

And it's not just Carolyn's Mum that think that!

"If you want another cover band, look elsewhere...... but if you want a band of desperados who have been around several blocks, who write blistering, original songs of every flavour known to man or woman.........go see Konrad. You'll love 'em. Iain Rankin

After seeing a live show by this lot, I made my excuses and left and then

named all of my instruments after them.

Mr Bowie

"Konrad ...what an original,energetic, diverse and edgy musical experience" ADL Management

"Wow! A band that loves their audience" The Music Machine


"The vocals are outstanding" Scots Blues News

"We have to catch this band" Central Scotland Police

"Davy MacFarlane's original compositions produce a haunting and highly charged evening of pure delight" Tolbooth Theatre Stirling


"Konrad's distinctive blend of diverse musical styles, well-crafted harmonies and polyrhythmic percussion was impressive indeed" Observer


"If you get a chance to go to a gig, be prepared to be blown away by the sheer genius of a group of outstanding musicians" Kate Donne, Author

"There's a trace of Jo-Ann Kelly in Carolyn 's voice but she is definitely her own woman" Scots Blues News

"This band is unique: and every foot-tapping song is an original. Unique vocals add to the guitar, drum and harmonica mix that is Konrad. Throw in a saxophone and you've got sheer joy"


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