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Someone stole the last 30 months as we went into enforced hibernation, But between the periods of isolation, the Konrad family got down to some serious songwriting. Now, as we reflect on the very different world that has emerged, so the songs of Konrad mirror some of the questions and feelings we have all wrestled with. So, on this site you will find some of the Konrad medicine the Surgeons of Sound prescribe for you. Do not delay. Take the medicine and come and have an evening with us soon. Bring some toes to tap and some ears to cheer. We appreciate your support and always will.

November 25th 2022 8pm       Dalghair House Hotel                         Callander

November 5th 2022  8pm        Mediterranea Restaurant                    Stirling

September 30th 2022               Callander Jazz and Blues Festival           Dalghair House Hotel 


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